Immigration for Employers

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Non-immigrant (or temporary) Visa Options

SPS can assist with several visa options. For foreign professionals seeking work in the US, non-immigrant status is a temporary way to enter the US.

H-1B (E-3/H-1B1): a temporary work visa available for specialty, professional occupations that require a Bachelor’s degree or its foreign equivalent. With an annual limit and a lottery-based system for selection, the H-1B allows an individual to work for the sponsoring employer for a maximum of six years.

L-1: an intra-company transferee visa, the L-1 is a streamlined way for employers to transfer their global workforce to the US. L-1A is for managers and executives while L-1B is for individuals with specialized knowledge.

TN: Treaty NAFTA status is for citizens of Canada and Mexico in qualifying occupations. TN workers can be admitted for up to three years and can be renewed indefinitely.

O-1: for individuals with extraordinary ability in their respective field (the top 5%). Candidates must demonstrate a series of accomplishments ranging from publication records, to notable contributions in their field, to internationally recognized awards (e.g. Nobel Prize). Admission results in three-year terms with one-year extensions permitted thereafter.

J-1 Waivers: Individuals who participate in an intercultural exchange program may be subject to a two-year home residence requirement. SPS has successfully guided researchers and clinical physicians through the waiver process including no-objection, hardship, persecution, Conrad 30 and Intergovernmental Agency (IGA) waivers.

Permanent Residence Options

SPS’s commitment to informed, customized legal services permits employers to have peace of mind through a variety of permanent residence pathways:

  • PERM (Labor Certification Application)
  • Outstanding Researchers & Professors
  • Extraordinary Ability
  • National Interest Waivers – Dhanasar and PNIW

Immigration Compliance

I-9s, corporate compliance policies and LCA compliance are all critical aspects of a strong employer immigration program. SPS can help ensure your company’s compliance program meets regulatory standards. Contact SPS to learn how.

Regardless of your path, your new journey begins here.

Employment-based immigration can be a winding road; SPS can help navigate. Contact SPS to learn how.

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