H-1B Cap lottery for FY 2021: Prepare now!

//H-1B Cap lottery for FY 2021: Prepare now!

At the beginning of each new year, employers inevitably start preparing for the annual H-1B Cap lottery system. This year, USCIS is changing the way it is running the H-1B Cap lottery by implementing a pre-registration process and charging $10 for each H-1B registration. It is also moving up the date to register any desired H-1B Cap lottery case to March 1st  – March 20th, 2020.  Selected cases will need to be filed right after selection.

While most of the details are still yet to be released by USCIS, it is important for employers to immediately identify which employees it seeks to sponsor this year in the lottery process. SPS Immigration generally recommends that employers conduct a full assessment of its employees and include in the lottery any employee in H-4 EAD status, L-1 status, or OPT / STEM OPT status.

Please contact SPS Immigration immediately if you seek assistance with the FY 2021 H-1B Cap lottery.


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