New I-94 number alphanumeric format

//New I-94 number alphanumeric format

CBP announced that, beginning in May 2019, I-94 numbers will now be alphanumeric.  The I-94 card governs the terms of legal status in the U.S., so is a critical piece of any individuals immigration journey in the U.S.

I-94 numbers are 11 digits long and have historically only contain numbers.  Starting in May 2019, CBP is switching to alphanumeric I-94s.  I-94 numbers will remain at 11 characters but will follow the format of 9 digits, followed by a letter in the 10th position, and a digit in the 11th position.  Unexpired I-94s issued in the current numeric-only format will continue to be valid until the Admit Until Date printed on the paper I-94 and/or the date displayed on the public I-94 website.

If you have any questions on how this may impact your immigration case, please contact SPS Immigration.

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