Travel Ban Update: Where things stand & What we know

//Travel Ban Update: Where things stand & What we know

The implementation of President Trump’s Executive Order (“EO”) entitled “Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals” continues to be fluid. Here is an update on where things stand today.

This weekend the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) filed for an immediate administrative stay, or the immediate lifting of the Temporary Restraining Order (“TRO”). A Federal District Court Judge denied this request. The State of Washington submitted its response yesterday to oppose the governments emergency motion. The Governments response is due today by 3:00pm PST. That means that by tomorrow we should know how the court rules in response to the governments request to stay the TRO. In English this means the TRO is still in effect but, depending on how the judge rules on the governments motion to lift the TRO, the TRO could be lifted and the ban could be immediately back into effect. Even if the Judge grants the request to stay the TRO, the government agencies have confirmed that neither LPRs nor dual nationals with a non-designated passport are not subject to the ban. Please contact SPS Immigration if you have questions on how this EO may impact you.

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