USCIS Proposes Changes to Form I-9 and Seeks Public Comments

//USCIS Proposes Changes to Form I-9 and Seeks Public Comments

USCIS posted a notice in the Federal Register on November 24, 2015 proposing changes to Form I-9, the Employment Eligibility Verification form that all employers must complete with each new employee hire. Completion of Form I-9 is mandatory regardless of a new hire’s immigration status.

USCIS summarized the reasons for the proposed changes on its website, explaining that most of the changes are intended to help reduce technical errors when employers complete the form. In particular, when employers complete the form on a computer, the proposed revisions will allow certain fields to alert employers that an error has been made and will provide additional space for information to be entered that does not fit elsewhere on the form which employers currently write in the margins of the existing form. The revised form will also offer drop-down lists and calendars, as well as easier access to the form instructions. Minor substantive changes include requiring employees to provide only other last names used in Section 1 rather than all other names used.

Once the comment period closes on January 25, 2016, USCIS will review comments received. It will then publish another notice with final proposed changes giving an additional 30 day comment period before implementing the revised form. Employers with questions about the proposed revisions to Form I-9, or about the I-9 process generally, should contact SPS Immigration PLLC.

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