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SPS Immigration PLLC provides informed employment-based immigration legal services.

SPS invests in building relationships that enable employers to hire a global workforce, representing a wide variety of clients including health care organizations and professionals, academia, the high-tech industry, start-ups, and artists.

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Healthcare & Researchers

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and researchers face unique US immigration requirements. For over a decade the principal of SPS has helped IMGs and researchers work through US immigration processes. SPS is also active in advocating for fair and sensible policy reform.

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From private corporations, to universities, to start-ups, and everything in between, SPS provides experience and expertise to guide you through the complex immigration process.

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SPS helps foreign professionals transition through the US immigration system by providing personalized and informed legal services.

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About SPS

With a passion for the process and policy, and a commitment to relationship-based service, SPS helps employers and employees work through the US immigration system.

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Regardless of your path, your new journey begins here.

Employment-based immigration can be a winding road; SPS can help navigate.
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As a physician originally from Germany and now employed at the University of Chicago, I have worked with Sarah Peterson successfully in obtaining a J-1 waiver and subsequently a Green Card.

The J-1 waiver process was daunting and I looked at several immigration firms. It was clear in my interactions with Sarah that she is extremely knowledgeable and updated in the field, as well as has a strong network of colleagues. She provided thoughtful, thorough, and, most importantly, practical legal advice regarding my immigration situation. She listens carefully to client queries and comments and responds quickly and clearly with analysis and advice aimed directly at the issue. I consider Sarah Peterson Stensrud one of the best in immigration law.

Tanguy L-S, University of Chicago
Sarah has represented our firm on a variety of immigration matters, ranging from TN applications to obtaining green cards for our employees. Sarah has provided impeccable service at all times and she has delivered an outstanding result in every case. Choosing the right attorney, however, involves more than just finding someone with a successful track record. Sarah is the face of our firm to many of our employees and job candidates during the immigration process and I enjoy working with Sarah because of her high standards, dedication, ethics and kindness. She makes all parties feel at ease throughout what can otherwise be a stressful process and I trust Sarah to deliver the very best and represent our firm to the very high standards that we expect of ourselves. I highly recommend Sarah as an outstanding immigration lawyer. 
Jonathan K, Founder & Executive Creative Director
I highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a smart, caring, and responsive immigration attorney. As an Engineer from India, my immigration process has been long and complex. I was very pleased with Sarah’s work on my H-1B as well as my PERM labor certification and I-140 process. Sarah has a unique ability to take a complex immigration system and break it into easy to understand steps, including providing clear and accurate timeframes. She was always prompt in responding to all of my questions and she went out of her way to ensure that I always understood the status of my case and what to expect next. Sarah particularly impressed me with her substantive knowledge, her personalized and caring approach, and her absolute attention to every detail of my immigration process. Because of Sarah’s work, my case proceeded smoothly and I was never worried about the process. I routinely refer my friends and colleagues to her at every opportunity, so that they can benefit from the same outstanding representation that I received.
Selva N, Engineer
Sarah and I have worked together since 2009. Sarah has taken great care of all of our company’s immigration needs and goes above the call of duty many times both for our foreign nationals and for our company. She also is a mentor to me as I learn the constantly changing field of immigration. Because of her, I feel that I have grown in my position with regards to immigration with my company.
Debbie T, Sr Human Resources Compliance Manager
I have known Sarah Peterson professionally for a number of years. Sarah is incredibly respected in the field for her professionalism, knowledge and kindness. She has built up very strong expertise in the particularly complex issues involved in representing healthcare institutions as well as individual professionals and researchers within the healthcare industry. Any potential client choosing to use Sarah to represent them is in extremely good hands.
Ian W, Attorney
As a physician originally from Pakistan, Sarah has been instrumental in guiding my path through a complex immigration process to allow me to complete my training and accept an appointment on staff. Sarah’s grasp on the nuances of immigration law is unsurpassed. She enabled me to obtain approval for a coveted O-1 visa while I completed training on a J-1 visa and just as swiftly, prepared and obtained approval for my EB-1 green card. In addition to the complicated and often daunting O-1 and then EB-1 process, Sarah also kept both my individual and family circumstances in mind. I was especially impressed with how thorough Sarah was in her information gathering and preparation of applications, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring a successful outcome. Sarah does her job exceptionally well and executes it all with such compassion and understanding that I feel at ease speaking with her about any and every immigration related problem. With Sarah as my lawyer, I know that I will always receive well considered and sound advice in a timely fashion. I highly recommend Sarah as an outstanding immigration attorney.
Asma J, Physician
I’m very pleased with Sarah’s dedication to my case. Throughout the complex J-1 waiver and green card processes, Sarah was always available for any concerns I had. She has a keen awareness of the time sensitive issues and provided me with practical legal advice on a timely manner. She is an excellent communicator and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a creative and responsive immigration attorney.
Takashi H, Hospitalist
I highly recommend Sarah and SPS Immigration.  As a Physician, from J1 to Waiver to Permanent resident, I had three and a half years of forms and forms and more forms! Sarah’s dedication, support, and reliability made the process very simple and easy.

I have not worked with another Firm in the past, but I do have several friends going through the same process. Hands down, mine has been the easiest and fastest (when compared to friends of the same Country). With every question, there was an easy and fast answer. With every phone call, there was someone picking up, no answering machines, no scheduled meetings. With every email, there was a reply within 24 hours, most of the time on the same day. Every step was informed, educated, expected, there are no surprises or hidden steps.  Sarah’s electronic support is easy and very user friendly. I cannot be happier to have had Sarah’s firm managing my family’s case, from J1 to waiver to permanent residency. The entire process was conducted with a high level of professionalism and a high level of understanding that impressed me in every step. I speak very highly of her abilities to all that ask me and with pleasure will continue to refer cases to her as they continue to come. 

Gerardo M-M, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
I highly recommend Sarah Peterson as an excellent, dedicated, committed, caring and above all, results-oriented immigration lawyer. I was referred to Sarah by a colleague, asking for her support with my residency process. Despite the distance, being located in different states, Sarah helped me with my residency process, simplified the complexities, closely followed up on my case and got it into a successful closure. Sarah smartly managed my case, knew which resources to use and when, and developed a high level of confidence that I was in very good hands.
Sarah has always been available, responsive and accessible, and significantly alleviated the pressure that is associated with such a process. I was extremely impressed by her professionalism as well as human touch and care and am grateful for all of that.
Ronen A., Physician, Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY